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The Wyndham Place Charlemagne Trust aims to bring together people of different cultural, political and religious backgrounds to address European and world issues, not just from a political and economic perspective but from the point of view of values and beliefs, and to enlighten public opinion and influence those who shape policy.

Its supporters include politicians, academics, officials and leaders of different faith communities.  Many have experience of working with or in European and international institutions, or with other research bodies and inter-faith organisations.

The Trust collaborates with other national, European and international bodies with similar interests, and aims to keep its subscribers informed of current policy and events via its e-newsletter Eurogazing.


The WPCT Charlemagne lecture 2017


Ireland and the UK in a changing Europe


The 2017 WPCT Charlemagne  lecture was given on Wednesday 26 April at Europe House, when the speaker was Daniel Mulhall, Ambassador of Ireland to Great Britain.

Daniel Mulhall was appointed to the role of Ireland’s Ambassador to Great Britain in September 2013.  His previous postings had taken him round the world to New Delhi, Malaysia, Vienna, Berlin and Edinburgh and include a period working in Brussels.

Ambassador Mulhall took as his theme the relationship between Ireland and the UK, illustrated by the ‘productive triangle’ between Britain, Ireland and the EU which existed even before the days of EU membership.   He spoke eloquently of the long-standing relationship of mutual support between our two countries and highlighted some of the key issues which will now need to be resolved as the impact of BREXIT on Anglo-Irish relationships begins to become a reality.

We are grateful to Ambassador Mulhall for a challenging and thoughtful analysis of our changing relationship with Europe and Ireland, and wish him well as he prepares to leave London for a new posting in the USA later this year.

A full text of his lecture can be downloaded here.



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